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The Farnborough Academy Curriculum

We are keen to develop and deliver a curriculum that gives everyone the opportunity to shine brightly whether this be through the arts, sport, enrichment or academic studies.

A series of ‘Bright Days’ take place throughout the year. On these days the academy curriculum is collapsed and pupils follow a theme for the day. These days allow pupils to develop depth on key issues and topics. There are five areas that are studied: Bright Bodies, Bright Lives, Bright Sparks, Bright Lights and Bright Futures.

During years 7, 8 and 9 pupils study a wide breadth of courses that engage and develop pupils as individuals. These courses are mathematics, English, science, French and/or German, technology (including food, graphics and product design), computing, PE, art, music, religious studies, history, geography and personal development.

As pupils move into years 10 and 11 they begin their option studies. These courses include a range of GCSE and vocational choices. Support is given within the academy to ensure that the correct courses a followed. The core (compulsory) curriculum consists of mathematics, English, Science, PE and personal development plus four options. On the whole one of these options will need to be an EBAC subject:

GCSE Triple Science
GCSE Computing
GCSE History
GCSE Geography
GCSE French
GCSE German

The remaining three choices can be further options from above or from the selection below:

GCSE Art and Design
GCSE Business Studies
NCFE V Cert level 1 and 2 Craft – wood   and joinery (construction)
NCFE V Cert Creative Studies- Graphics   level1 and 2
OCR level 2 Creative I Media
GCSE Media Studies
GCSE Music
GCSE Philosophy and Ethics
GCSE Photography
GCSE Product Design
NCFE V Cert level 1 and 2 Textiles
GCSE Textiles

If you require any further information about the academy's curriculum then please contact Mrs Hallam, Deputy Headteacher at the academy.